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Deepen customer knowledge at a critical time

Energy prices are doubling. Inflation is reaching 8%. It's more important than ever to understand consumer financial health in real-time.

Pave has spent years analysing 100s of millions of Open Banking and credit file data points. We specialise in diagnosing and predicting financial health (it’s what makes our B2C app tick).

Our algorithms outperform incumbent analytics solutions. To support consumers and businesses at a critical time, we're making our best-in-class technology available to select partners.

We do the heavy lifting: data integrations, FCA compliance, transaction labeling, machine learning.. We’ve condensed our cutting-edge stack into one API.

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Our Business Services

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Super charge decisioning

Increase acceptances, reduce losses, and improve customer experiences.

Use Open Banking and credit file analytics for real-time affordability checks, arrears prediction and optimal billing.

Access our best in class models trained on real customer data through our API.

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Embed credit insights

Increase engagement and customer understanding.

Embed the TransUnion credit score and Open Banking insights directly into your consumer facing products.

Get to market in weeks instead of months with our API and dashboard solutions.

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Monetise rejected traffic

Generate revenue and help your customers build credit health.

We offer competitive payouts to nurture your rejected traffic with our app.

Get started in hours with our turnkey system.

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Incentivise healthy credit

A world first solution to reward your customers for actions that improve their financial health, while also benefitting you.