The Electoral Roll and your Credit Score

Being on the electoral roll is an easy way to improve your credit score. Find out how with this guide from credit builder app Portify.
electoral roll

Getting on the electoral roll is one of the quickest ways to improve your credit score. Doing so can be done in 5 minutes and completely online. All you need is your basic information – you don’t even need your National Insurance Number. 

Registering raises your credit score because it helps lenders confirm your identity. If lenders can’t use the electoral roll, they may ask you to provide more information or other forms of identification. 

What is the electoral roll?

The electoral roll, or electoral register, is a list of names and addresses of every voter in the UK. You have to register if you are over 16 and a citizen of the UK, British Commonwealth, or the EU. If you don’t register, you could be fined. You can register using this online form.

The electoral roll records your address, name, and gives you an electoral number. Your electoral number is unique which makes confirming your identity easy. If you have two addresses you can register both on the electoral roll. For example, if you’re a student and have a term-time address and a home address. However, you can only register to vote at one.

How to check if you are registered to vote in the UK?

You might not remember if you’re registered – especially if you’ve moved homes. If you don’t know, there are two easy ways to check. Firstly, you can contact your local electoral registration office and ask them to check. To find your nearest electoral office enter your postcode here. Secondly, you can check your credit report. Your credit report will show if you are registered on the electoral roll and confirm your registered address

Why does being on the electoral roll affect my credit score?

Your credit score signals your risk profile. If you are on the electoral roll, it’s easy for lenders to confirm your identity. The easier it is for lenders to confirm your identity – the less of a risk you pose in terms of fraud and identity theft. If you pose less of a risk, your credit score will increase. 

How much will being on the electoral roll improve your credit score?

There is no exact number of points that your credit score will increase by if you register. Everyone’s credit profile is different. Registering on the electoral roll won’t give you a perfect credit score overnight. There are a number of factors that influence your credit score and these factors can vary from lender to lender. 

Registering on the electoral roll won’t erase all the blemishes that may be on your credit report. If you have substantial outstanding debts or County Court Judgements (CCJ’s) you won’t get a perfect credit score by signing up to the electoral roll. If you have a bad credit score due to past financial difficulties and want more information on how to fix a bad credit score and build credit the right way look at our guide.

Credit building services from Pave 

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