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Building credit isn't a piece of cake.
But over 90%* of our customers improve their scores. Here's how.

Bills monitoring
We help you track and make your bill payments on time to protect and build your score
Personalised credit fixes
We give you personalised actions to take to help improve your score fastest, with seven days a week expert support
Active credit building
We share your credit utilisation and payment history with credit bureaus to actively build your credit score
*Represents Pave Plus customers that have been with Pave for at least 6 months and taken all actions listed in the Pave app and did not add any negative markers to their credit file. Pave cannot guarantee an increase in credit score and results can vary

What makes our solution better

0% APR
£0 hidden fees
Credit expert support
7 days a week
No hard credit checks
No trying to sell you
more debt or credit cards
Moneyback guarantee
for Plus members*
Award winning product
with top reviews
*T&Cs apply. See here

Find out how much a better credit score could save you. 

Try our savings calculator
Research conducted in March 2022 by Pave assuming an increase from 600 to 700 point Experian credit score. More information can be found here.

Why is Pave effective at building credit?

Gives you efficient credit fixes
We analyse your credit file and give you personalised credit fixes. Actions unique to you that are designed to help you improve your credit score in the most efficient way.
Helps you pay bills on time
We connect to your bank accounts and keep track of your bills. We remind you when they are coming up and let you know if you'll have enough money to pay them.
Improves your credit usage
Your credit usage makes up 30% of your credit score. Pave helps improve your usage by opening a credit line for you, subject to eligibility.
Improves your credit history
Your credit history makes up 35% of your credit score. Pave helps improve your credit score by sharing your payment history with Credit Reference Agencies.

Our Memberships

Credit Spotlight
Check if Pave Plus can build your score
Identify the best fixes for your score
See how our Plus membership could help you build credit
No hard credit check
Our entry level plan
Build your score with TransUnion
Bill alerts to protect your score
Text based support seven days a week
Track your TransUnion credit score
No hard credit check
Our quickest improvement plan
Build your score with prioritised credit fixes
Build your score with TransUnion, Experian and Equifax for best coverage
Money back after 12 months if your score doesn’t improve - full terms here
Text based support from a Credit Specialist seven days a week
Bill alerts to protect your score
Track your TransUnion credit score
No hard credit check
Note: If you have had a CCJ, IVA or Bankruptcy in the past 12 months, Pave may not be able to help.

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