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Increase acceptances, reduce risk, and save time with our platform and decisioning APIs.
Fuse empowers businesses to make the best affordability decisions with Open Banking and credit file data.
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Our products

Make affordability decisions in real time

Our industry leading Open Banking models help you make the best decisions in real time.

Fuse categorises transaction data and provides 750+ of features that you can feed into your scorecards. Our platform also lets you combine credit file data with Open Banking data to maximise acceptances.
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Tailor payment plans to your customers

We know from our own experience that one-size-fits-all payment plans don't work.

Fuse's Open Banking analytics automatically generate payment plans tailored to your customers income and expenditure to help increase collections and save time.
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Help your customers improve their financial health

Help your customers actually understand credit health.

Fuse's ready-made integrations pull raw transaction and credit file data and turn them into actionable insights for your customers.
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Why use Fuse?


Gini coefficient uplift as a result of our superior transaction labelling accuracy


Gini coefficient uplift when credit file data is combined with Open Banking analytics


of our lending decisions were used to build our risk features

Fuse offers

Lending expertise

We bring our expertise in combining Open Banking data with credit file data to each deployment.

Time savings

Our ready-made data integrations and analytics free up engineering time so you can focus on building other core features.

Open Banking expertise

We've analysed hundreds of millions of transactions since PSD2 went live in 2018.


Our solution is scalable & integrates quickly. We provide expert support during onboarding and are seriously serious about data.
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Who uses Fuse?


Accurately assess affordability at the point of application and create repayment plans tailored to customer cash flow.

Insurance Providers

Understand an applicants risk factors and determine the right premium.


Build personalized budgeting and credit health management apps that help customers manage their finances better.

Build with confidence


Our API is designed to be scalable and resilient to your workload, no matter how bursty or unpredictable.

See our public uptime records and explore our SLA commitments to you.


We have clear and easy to navigate docs on our REST APIs, with code snippets ready to go in the languages of your choice. Open API specifications are also available for integration into your development tooling.

Get support from the Fuse Onboarding team to help you get setup as quickly as possible.

Secure & Compliant

All data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and we follow strict security processes.

We also provide clear and easy to use APIs around GDPR compliance.

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