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Increase acceptances, reduce losses, and save time with our best in class credit decisioning platform.

Fuse empowers businesses to make the best decisions with Open Banking and credit file data.
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Our products

Make affordability checks in real time

Our industry leading income and expense verification models help you make robust assessments, instantly.

Fuse's affordability models were compared against 5+ providers in the market, showing superior performance every time. We help you make the best decisions for customers and fulfil FCA duties.
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Improve outcomes with advanced decisioning models

Trained on real lending outcomes data, our models are proven to reduce loss rates and help you acquire more customers.

Fuse provides over 1,000+ powerful credit risk features for scorecards and decisioning. We combine credit file data with Open Banking data to boost acceptances and reduce losses.
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Globalise your decisioning

Our NLP based transaction enrichment models were built with global scaling in mind from day one.

We save you time and overhead by minimising requirements for local integrations and model calibration.
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Why use Fuse?


Reduction in a client's loss rates shown using Fuse's decisioning models


Gini coefficient uplift achieved using Fuse's Open Banking and credit file models


Proprietary lending decisions used to build our decisioning models

Fuse offers

Experts on hand

We bring our expertise in combining Open Banking and credit file data, working with you to maximise the value-add of each deployment.


Our powerful transaction enrichment models let you scale into new geographies without compromising decisioning quality.

Analytics dashboard

We offer a credit decisioning dashboard to support with manual underwriting and data visualisation.  

Bring your own data

Our solution works with any major Open Banking transaction provider or CRA. No need to replace your existing data integrations.

Time savings

Our analytics models free up valuable resources and help you achieve key business objectives faster.

Easy integration

Our state of the art RESTful API docs have been iterated based on client feedback for ease of integration.

Who uses Fuse?


Increase acceptances and reduce loss rates with our advanced decisioning models.


Conduct robust affordability assessments for your customers and fulfil upcoming FCA duties.


Build personalized budgeting and credit health management apps that help customers manage their finances better.

Build with confidence


Our API is designed to be scalable and resilient to your workload, no matter how bursty or unpredictable.

See our public uptime records and explore our SLA commitments to you.


We have clear and easy to navigate docs on our REST APIs, with code snippets ready to go in the languages of your choice. Open API specifications are also available for integration into your development tooling.

Get support from the Fuse Onboarding team to help you get setup as quickly as possible.

Secure & Compliant

All data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and we follow strict security processes.

We also provide clear and easy to use APIs around GDPR compliance.

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