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How it works

1. Apply to be a content creator

Apply to join us. Once approved, every week we'll send out requests for creators to record short and simple videos around credit and personal finance.

2. Get creative

Once we send out a task, you can record the video anytime! The more creative the better! You'll need to send the video to us for approval.

3. Get exposure and get paid!

Selected videos will be featured on our social media channels and could potentially become ads that we run across the whole country. You will get paid for each approved video you make!

How it works

Play video with sound

Have Fun with It
Get creative with your props and presentation style. Be fun and engaging!

Knowledge Sharing
Share your knowledge and top tips on credit score and personal finance.

It’s All About the Trends
Get inspiration from trending audio or concepts on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Spice Up Your Storytelling
Smart use of stickers, animation and text can complement your storytelling.

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